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Being Human

I just started watching Being Human and have fallen in love, especially with George (though I'm liking him a little less so far in the second series). I'm probably going to spend all my free time finishing the second series, watching cast vids on YouTube, and looking for/reading George/Mitchell slash.

I love Russell Tovey, too. He should marry me, and we can both see other people (or just men, in his case) on the side. He's adorable and sweet and talented and is only eight years older than I am (almost exactly), which is closer to my age than my usual celebrity crushes. This obsession took off really fast though, so it may burn out like my crush on James Roday did. Also, his storyline (as Ben) on series two of Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive made me want Ben/Rob slash, despite Rob being a twat on the show. Another new obsession is Russell Howard. Cute, funny, has a joke in which he references Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs...yes please. Right now Matthew Gray Gubler has the #1 spot on my celebrity crush list, having stolen it from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I just finished a big Shawn/Gus phase, so I might link to some fics here to clean out my bookmarks. I'll probably link the rest of the Clex fics too, once I see if they're worth saving, since I don't really read it anymore.

School stuff is stressing me out, so I'm avoiding it as usual. On the bright side, research is going well, the warm weather means Liz is wearing beaters (hot) and hula hooping on the quad, and I think Adam checking me out the other day. I don't know him that well, but he has great hair and is like my height, which at least makes him interesting. Oh, and I've got my drag ball outfit figured out. I think I look like a butch girl in it, but the roomie says I look like a 13-year-old boy, so I'm pretty happy with it.

I need more icons here, hmm.

more bookmarked fic

Even though no one reads this page, linking to fics here organizes stuff for me.

Sky High:
Around Corners
untitled fic
The Dictate of the Light

When Words Become Superfluous

On the Seventh Day

This is the Life
A Beggar or a Knave
A Place To Hide Away

I'll probably edit more in later.

Thoughts on SYTYCD

I started watching So You Think You Can Dance in the second season, I think in an episode with the top 14 or 16. I didn't understand most of the judges comments about technique or the styles, but I enjoyed the dancing and even developed favorites: Ivan, Allison, Donyelle, Travis, and Benji.I loved the next season even more. I had solid reasons for my favorites, was super excited when Sabra won, and officially became obsessed with Wade's choreography. I didn't love season four quite as much, but still loved it. My favorites, Katee and Joshua, even made it to the finale and Josh won.

This season, however, hasn't really done it for me in the way other seasons have. Janette, who I thought should have won, was eliminated after the top 8 performance. She and Evan were the only dancers I really found myself loving and connecting with, but Evan really shouldn't have made it to the finally like he has. He's not that versatile, regardless of how awesome he is in his own style. Of the people left, Brandon annoys me when he's not dancing, I feel nothing when I see Kayla dance, despite her talent, and though I could get behind Jeanine winning, I just don't care if she doesn't. Throughout the season, I've found myself tuning in more for the choreographers than the dancers with the exception of Janette and Evan (who I've partially wanted to watch just for his personality and my hope that he would improve).

Anyway, this season has made me miss those previous seasons I loved so much. If they put it on DVD, I would consider purchase if the price were reasonable.

I've also found myself a SYTYCD RPS ship...Collapse )
Mental isn't a particularly great show. Dr. Jack Gallagher has pretty much no unattractive traits and the antagonist, whose name I can't remember right now, has almost no redeeming characteristics. I'm also sure that, if I knew more about psychology, I would find problems with the plot. The visual effects they use on the show are more annoying than anything else.

Even so, I love it. I've got the hots for Jack and find the cases interesting. Please, don't let it get canceled after a season or less like so many shows do.

to-do list for the next few days

-Take temps test, no studying allowed (immersion therapy, here I come!)
-Volunteer retraining for IDC
-Go to pride
-Work on the BWoC fic
-Keep up w/food journal

I hate my writing, but there's not enough Big Wolf fic out there. I know it's been years since it ended, but Tommy/Merton was my first slash ship and has a special place in my heart. Plus I want a fic using the scene where Tommy's eyes go yellow at Merton at the end of their first encounter and might as well write it myself.

I can't help myself

I know I just posted, but I do enjoy blogthings quizzes.

Who Should Paint You: Salvador Dali
You're a complex, intense creature who displays many layers.
There's no way a traditional portrait could ever capture you!

new journal, old user

This is mysterismile. My other account is rapidly becoming pretty personal, so this is my new account. One of them will remain dedicated to fannish things, I hope. The organization of what will go where is probably going to take awhile. This will probably be the fandom journal.